8 Signs and Symptoms You May Be at Risk of Limb LossThe most common reason for amputation of a limb is peripheral artery disease, or poor circulation. Peripheral arterial disease is a dangerous hardening of arteries restricting blood flow putting you at risk for serious complications. Without adequate blood flow, cells within the limb are deprived of oxygen normally found within the bloodstream. Without this vital nutrient, the deprived tissue begins to die and infection may set in. Additional reasons for amputation could include:

  • Severe injury or trauma
  • Cancerous tumor
  • Infection
  • Neuroma or thickening of nerve tissue
  • Frostbite

The Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic is committed to the prompt care of patients at risk of limb loss due to peripheral artery disease, diabetes, and ischemia. An estimated 65% of amputations are considered preventable and prevention is our primary goal. With early detection and rapid treatment as critical steps to limb preservation the expert staff of Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic offers the following signs and symptoms to look for if you have a condition putting you at risk for limb loss:

  1. Intense pain or numbness in the limb while not moving
  2. Sores or wounds unable to heal or heal very slowly
  3. Gangrene
  4. Shiny, smooth, dry skin on the limb
  5. Thickening of toenails or nails
  6. Absent or weakened pulse in the limb
  7. An infection in the limb unresponsive to antibiotics

If you have peripheral arterial disease or diabetes and begin to experience symptoms listed above, seek treatment immediately. The sooner blood flow can be restored to your limb, the more likely you will be to prevent amputation.

“Our team works to develop and implement a timely and aggressive treatment plan to all patients within the Limb Preservation Clinic,” says C. Scott Callicutt, MD, FACS. “Life in general becomes much harder following an amputation in regards to physical exertion and emotional state. In addition the risk of death increases drastically if a lower extremity is amputated.  We are committed to saving limbs and more importantly saving lives by offering immediate, state-of-the-art care from initial evaluation to rehabilitation.”

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