All progress takes place outside the comfort zonePatients with Critical Limb Ischemia and non-healing wounds are difficult to treat and at a high risk for amputation. The Vascular Intervention Team at the Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Center in Knoxville believes successful prevention lies in early referral, rapid restoration of blood flow, and proper ongoing care. Critical Limb Ischemia, also known as CLI, is a severe complication of peripheral arterial disease (“PAD”) where a substantial blockage occurs in the lower extremities restricting blood flow. PAD is a condition caused by the hardening and narrowing of arteries over time as a result of plaque, or fatty deposit, buildup. Listed below are critical steps to the prevention of amputation in patients with PAD and CLI:

  • Early Intervention. Recognizing the signs of CLI is the most vital step in prevention. Severe pain in the feet or toes while resting or wounds that won’t heal on the legs and feet are all common symptoms of CLI. Discuss these symptoms with your physician and request a referral to Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Center. Our vascular experts will work to secure immediate, same-day evaluation to properly diagnose your condition.
  • Restore Blood Flow. The sooner blood flow can be restored the better your chances in preserving the limb. With rapid diagnostic testing and evaluation, the Premier staff will prioritize a treatment plan to restore and maintain blood flow long-term. Balloon angioplasty, stents, atherectomy, and bypass procedures are all techniques performed by our vascular surgeons to open blockage and remove plaque.
  • Speed the Healing Process. The first step in treating a chronic wound is to eliminate any infection in the skin or soft tissues. Medication, dressing, debridement, incision, compression, and vacuum-assisted closure are all methods used to treat chronic wounds. Your care plan will depend upon factors related to your specific condition including culture results identifying what type of bacteria is causing the infection.
  • Maintain Ambulatory Status. Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic works in conjunction with referring physicians and other supporting specialists to ensure proper follow-up care and rehabilitation to support the healing process and prevent future occurrences. Once the immediate concern of restoring blood flow is resolved, the attention turns to ensure the blood flow does not become restricted again.

“A multi-disciplinary approach is paramount to meeting our goal of limb preservation,” explains C. Scott Callicutt, MD, FACS. “We have established a network of specialists to assist us in delivering efficient, quality care defined by the ultimate prevention of limb loss in CLI patients.”

Dr. Callicut says the Center understands many patients must travel long distances and coordinate multiple appointments on the same day. “The benefit of our program coordinator is they manage the treatment plan and work to coordinate same day appointments. At Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic a patient can be evaluated, undergo diagnostic imaging and agree to a comprehensive treatment plan all in the same day.”

At Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic in Knoxville our staff and physicians are dedicated to earning your trust through our demonstrated vascular expertise. We are committed to saving limbs and saving lives. Learn more about Premier Surgical on our website.