The gallbladder is the pear-shaped organ located under the liver. It’s only about four inches long, but play a vital role in digestion. It stores bile, a substance made up of fluid, cholesterol, and fat. The bile helps in breaking down the fat from the food, making it easier for fat-soluble nutrients to be absorbed in the bloodstream.

The Different Symptoms of a Gallbladder Problem

Symptoms of a problem in the gallbladder can vary, but the most common ones include:

  • Pain
    Pain felt in the mid- to the upper right region of the abdomen is the most common symptom of a gallbladder disease. The quality and frequency of pain can vary, depending on the type of gallbladder disease and the severity of the condition. It can be mild and intermittent or severe and frequent.
  • Nausea and vomiting
    Chronic cases of gallbladder disease can cause digestive problems such as nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux.
  • Jaundice
    Characterized by the yellowing of the whites of the eye and the skin, jaundice is a common sign of gallbladder disease that obstructs the bile duct.
  • Unusual stool or urine
    Any form of blockage in the common bile duct can cause light-colored stools or urine.
  • Fever or chills
    Although it’s not as common as the other symptoms, fever or chills may signify infection. This should be treated as soon as possible to prevent its spread to other areas.

Should You See a Doctor?

If you are experiencing these symptoms and think it may be a gallbladder issue, it’s best to see a physician. . Untreated problems of the gallbladder can lead to a myriad of complications, including infections, bile buildup, and in worse cases, gallbladder rupture.

The surgical removal of the gallbladder (also known as cholecystectomy) is one of the most common and safest way of treating a gallbladder disease. Performed under general anesthesia, cholecystectomy may either be an open or laparoscopic procedure. More patients are opting for the laparoscopic cholecystectomy as it only takes an hour or two complete.

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