Reflecting on Reflux

Attorney finds relief from acid reflux with help from physicians and surgery It wasn’t a nightmare that was waking Nina Harris up. It was a lump in her throat. “I felt like I had a wet wad of cotton in my throat all the time,” says the Maryville woman. “I would wake up gasping because […]

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Cardiologists VS Vascular Surgeons

Cardiologist vs. Vascular Surgeon Sometimes health specializations can be as confusing as medical terms. Knowing what a specialist does and does not do can help you choose the right provider for your specific health needs. Cardiologists and vascular surgeons are both medical experts, but cater specifically to different areas. The Role of a Cardiologist Also […]

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Premier Patient Survey

At Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville, we want to make sure each patient has the best possible experience and outcome when visiting our facilities. One way we are able to improve patient experience is through our feedback survey. These 18 questions give patients a chance to tell us about their experience with their surgeon, nurse, […]

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Healthy Tips for Every Age

Every September is recognized as Healthy Aging Month. A lot of health issues can be prevented by incorporating healthy habits in your lifestyle. Here’s a quick guide on how to stay healthy at every age! In your 20s Your 20s is a period of major changes. At this point, you may be living on your […]

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Hemorrhoid Relief After Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are literally a pain in the butt. They are commonly an added source of discomfort during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Pregnancy hemorrhoids are no different from the hemorrhoids you get when you’re not pregnant. Although some women are predisposed to them, there are several factors during pregnancy that make them more common among expectant […]

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