Is Genetic Testing Right for Me?

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer death rates decreased steadily from 1989 to 2015 because of improved treatments and early detection by mammography. In 2015, relative survival rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer were 91 percent at five years after diagnosis, 86 percent after 10 years, and 80 percent after 15 years. […]

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Are You At Risk for Thyroid Cancer?

This year, it is estimated that over 53,000 adults in the United States will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is the fifth most common type of cancer in women. It’s the type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the thyroid, the butterfly-shaped gland that can be found at the base of […]

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Is Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Right for You?

From Tennova Healthcare October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Tennova Healthcare is using the occasion to call attention to the role of genetic testing in the fight against the disease. Genetic testing has quickly become a more mainstream practice—both for human interest about one’s ancestry, and for the purpose of understanding how that […]

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Premier Surgical Launches New Skin Cancer Webpage

When asked what the most common type of cancer is, most people guess breast or lung cancer. But the leading cause of cancer is actually skin cancer. However, the good news is that with early detection and treatment, skin cancer is often very curable. The physicians at Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville recognize how crucial it […]

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Surgeon Says Early Detection = Better Odds for Beating Colon Cancer

Early diagnosis of colon cancer is easier than ever. That means your odds of beating it are better than ever, too. Premier Surgical colorectal surgeon Gregory Midis, MD, FACS, points to better education about colon cancers, risk factors, symptoms, and early detection. “People are definitely more aware of the importance of having a screening colonoscopy […]

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