Premier Surgical Lawson Group Office in Johnson City, TN

Full time position: 

Monday-Friday, Day shift

Position Summary:

Prepare patients for examinations and assist physicians with delivery of care including, assisting physician with a wide range of in-office surgical procedures; assist patients with ambulatory difficulties. May be required to scribe for the physician during patient visits differentiate abnormal and normal findings on assessment, labs and outpatient testing.  Return patient telephone calls, calls to health care institutions and pharmacies.  Call or fax orders (written by M.D.) and coordinate with hospitals for scheduled surgeries and surgical releases. Follow up on patient care, medical condition and post operative conditions/trauma.  Establish contact with patients after missed appointments or tests to determine cause and reschedule appointments.  Ensure inventory of medical supplies and on hand medications are current and within expiration date.  Responsible for requesting records and x-rays as needed by physician for clinic.  Send records to physicians as requested when required. Confirm clinical supplies are maintained and ready for patient care.

Duties include:
  • Provides clinical / nursing care to patients. Obtains certain medical information, history, physical, family and social history. Takes vital signs and weight.
  • Assists Physicians with examinations, diagnostic procedures, treatment and office surgery.
  • Provides patient education materials, communicates physician advice and instructions for pre- and post-op teaching.
  • Maintains patient records and charts. Posts tests and exam results.
  •  Maintains exam rooms with necessary supplies and assures that rooms are clean.
  • Screens patient phone calls and forward to physicians.
  • Obtain pre-certification and schedule testing and or surgery.
  •  Ensure timely follow up on all diagnostic procedures and scheduled surgeries.
  •  Other related duties assigned by the office manager, and/ or physicians.
  • Current clinical certification (i.e. : RMA, CMA, CCMA)
  • Current CPR certification and annual re-certification
  • Computer literacy – ability to enter and document in applicable EHR
  • Maintain proficiency and update skills through approved continuing education courses of study, medical related seminars, or attendance at accredited schools of higher education
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to relate well with the patients and their families, physicians and fellow employees in order to reflect a positive guest relations image.  Promotes good guest relations by treating others with courtesy, integrity and ethical conduct.  Respects the privacy and the individual differences of others.  Maintains confidentiality.
  •  Responsibilities, including but not limited to:
    • Assess patient needs and act on changes.  Include all phases of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.  Assess basic learning needs and identify possible teaching strategies, related to patient care, and needs.
    • Prepare surgery rooms for and assist physician with in-office procedures which could include but not limited to: lesion excision, lipoma excision, core breast biopsy, I & D of pilonidal, sebaceous cyst and epidermoid cyst, and venous procedures, pacer checks…
    • At times transcribe the patient office visit record for EHR as the physician dictates
    • Completes suture removal, wound dressing and redressing, Unna Boot dressing
    • Clean, sterilize and maintain sterility of surgical instruments and supplies.
    • Examine pathology reports, x-rays, outpatient diagnostics and laboratory tests for normal  and abnormal findings; send records to patients or physicians as requested.
    • Inventory and order medical supplies as well as restock on arrival.
    • Follow-up on outpatient diagnostics prior to planned surgery and or invasive procedures.
    • Coordinates follow-up with other physicians at request of attending physician.
    • Completes data collection, entries and record keeping upon request.
    • Medical record preparation; track records and x-rays, request as needed for appointments.
    • Schedules surgery or cross-trained to schedule surgery in the absence of the surgery scheduler.
    • Can assist with prior authorizations when necessary if schedulers are unavailable
    • Assists in maintaining a clean, safe work environment
    • Complies with office policy, procedures, standards of conduct and provides accurate timely information for bookkeeping requirements.  Informs Office Manager of administrative needs and compliance issues.
    • Learn role of other clinical staff members and be available to fill in for them PRN.
    • Manages work flow and quality care effectively and efficiently in a digital environment including tasks such as:
      – Processing orders
      – Recording family & patient medical/ surgical history
      – Recording review of systems
      – Recording manual lab results
      – Processing assigned task management & nurse calls
      – Performing a Med reconciliation
      – eRx and drug/drug, drug/allergy review
      – Recording of vital signs
      – Updating the problem list
      – Updating Allergy list
      – Updating provider roles
    • Greenway/Intergy software and electronic charts experience

    Please list your computer software training and experience.
    Benefits include PTO, health insurance, paid holidays, and 401(k) plan.

    Send your cover letter and resume as follows:

    Email:  recruiting@premiersurgical.com
    Fax: (865) 584-7712
    Premier Surgical HR
    6408 Papermill Drive, Suite 220,
    Knoxville TN  37919