Operating Room Procedure Registered Nurse


Premier Surgical at Papermill Drive

Reports to: 

Surgery Manager

Job Function:

Responsible for the planning, executing, directing and evaluating direct and indirect nursing care given to the Operating Room procedure patient. This nursing care ranges from preoperative intervention onto postoperative evaluation. It is a practice designed to meet a patient’s needs through the nursing process, ensuring continuity of care during the procedural experience.

Job Qualifications:


    1. Currently licensed to practice professional nursing in the State of Tennessee.
    2. Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.
    3. Certification in ACLS and CPR.
    4. A minimum of one year experience as a Cath-Lab, Surgical nurse or other like procedure modalities.
Job Knowledge:
  • Knowledge of Patient’s Rights.
  • Knowledge of Premier Papermill and nursing policies and procedures, and thefunctions of other departments within the Premier Surgical Associates.
  • Knowledge of Premier Papermill and departmental fire and safety regulations,electrical hazards, disaster plans and infection control policies.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Tennessee Consent Laws.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Premier Papermill’s Policies and procedures and their application.
  • Knowledge and experience in the perioperative care of the Operating Room procedure patient.
  • Knowledge of specialized equipment used in the operating room.
  • Knowledge of conscious sedation agents and their usage and effect on thepatient.
  • Evidence of continuing education in the field of nursing.
 Job Duties:
  • Supervises and directs patient care in the Operating Room.
  • Ensures that proper techniques and practices are used according toaccepted standards of practice.
  • Supervises other personnel in the room and directs or assists as necessary.
  • Immediately reports any unusual occurrences to management personnel,documents appropriately in the patient record, and completes Incident Reports form if indicated.
  • Performs scrub duties as necessary and to keep current.
  • Maintains count on sponges, needles and instruments to ensure no loss of items according to policy.
  • Performs all circulating duties with efficiency and speed.
  • Supervises and assists as a scrub nurse as necessary.
  • Positions patient, prepares procedure area, and adjusts table to proper position according to standard policies.
  • Has all supplies and equipment in room and provides to team as necessary.
  • Opens all sterile packs and supplies according to aseptic technique.
  • Assists surgeons, and other personnel as needed to ensure good patient care.
  • Observes patient for changes in condition.
  • Reviews surgeon’s preference cards for desired medications and verifies same with surgeon.
  • Ensures all medications are administered and charted according to established policies and procedures.
  • Identifies and records patient’s response to medication when necessary.
  • Refers to resource material whenever necessary.
  • Promptly reports medication errors.
  • Cares for specimens and cultures as directed by set policies and procedures.
  • Maintains records of procedure and reports any unusual occurrences.
  • Provides orderly progression of schedule for following patients at proper times and notifies management personnel of any changes.
  • Accompanies patient to procedure room from the Preoperative setting and from the procedural room to holding room and reports to receiving nurse on patient, procedure, and special happenings to ensure continuity of care.
  • Provides for continuity of individual patient care.
  • As staffing allows, utilize program of pre and post-operative visits to facilitate knowledge of patient, condition, and needs.
  • Receives and gives reports to and about patient as necessary to ensure good care.
  • Provides for psychological needs of patient.
  • Assists in ordering, control and maintenance of supplies and equipment.
  • Records used items in proper place and method directed.
  • Assists in administrative duties as directed.
  • Helps with maintenance of records and statistics.
  • Assists in establishment and maintenance of procedures, policies and standards.
  • Assists in scheduling of operative procedures.
  • Assists in supervision of personnel and department to provide optimum assurance of safe environment.
  • Checks rooms, material, and equipment for proper care and handling and perform daily checks of crash cart with documentation.
  • Ensures clean, safe environment through continued alertness to safety and explosive hazards and aseptic techniques.
  • Coordinates with supply vendors to maintain high standards and quality in the materials used.
  • Assists in control of traffic and personnel to ensure proper control of infection and asepsis.
  • Assist in procedure room staff development and education.
  • Assists in formulation and interpretation of procedures, standards, and techniques.
  • Assists in orientation of new personnel.
  • Assists in evaluation of all procedure room activities, nursing care given, and of personnel and techniques.
  • Avails his or herself in the ongoing nursing education process of the facility.
  • Reviews pertinent periodicals, scientific and medical and related literature.
  • On –call for emergencies and available for additional duty.
Accountability and Adaptability
    1. Assumes accountability and responsibility for his or her own work performance and those under his or her supervision.
    2. Observes assigned work schedules and hours.
    3. Performs competently in new situations.
    4. Adheres to procedure room dress code; neat personal appearance.
  • Personal Relations
    1. Maintains good rapport with fellow employees.
    2. Maintains good rapport with physicians.
    3. Performs his or her duties in a professional and pleasant manner.
    4. Assist in other areas of the facility as required such as Angio/Access Room, Holding Room, Surgery and or Surgery Recovery.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Send your cover letter and resume as follows:

Email:  recruiting@premiersurgical.com
Fax: (865) 584-7712
Premier Surgical HR
6408 Papermill Drive, Suite 220,
Knoxville TN  37919