Law & Aorta: Premier Surgeons Mend Retired Detective’s Tell-tale Heart

From Fort Sanders Health & Lifestyles Lt. Joe Kenda, TV’s Homicide Hunter, is showing in the living room of John and Barbara Mohl’s Sevierville condominium, but neither is watching. That’s because Mohl, a retired detective with the New York Police Department, has plenty of true crime stories of his own. Whether working the notorious “Son […]

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Smoking: “Worst Culprit” in Vascular Disease

She had tried to quit countless times without success, but when doctors told Premier Surgical vascular patient Cathy Robinson her smoking could cause her to lose her legs she listened and, with the help of step-down nicotine patches, gave up smoking. “I know that smoking is not good for you, I’ve known it all my […]

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Leg Work: Bypass Gives Louisville Woman Legs to Stand On

From Fort Sanders Regional Health & Lifestyles There was no pain, nor was there any pulse in her feet. Except for feeling as if each of her legs weighed 200 pounds, Cathy Robinson felt just fine. but the lack of pulses in her ankles told her doctor something was wrong. “I have gone to the […]

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