When to Get Help for Acid Reflux

From Parkwest Medical Center Health & Lifestyles There’s no magic timetable, but Dr. Willard Campbell of Premier Surgical in Knoxville believes a month of unrelenting acid reflux can be enough cause for concern. “If you’re having daily or several times a week heartburn that is not readily controlled with over the counter medications, and it’s […]

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Reflecting on Reflux

Attorney finds relief from acid reflux with help from physicians and surgery It wasn’t a nightmare that was waking Nina Harris up. It was a lump in her throat. “I felt like I had a wet wad of cotton in my throat all the time,” says the Maryville woman. “I would wake up gasping because […]

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Knoxville Medical Mission: Serving with Surgery

For more than two decades, Dr. Willard Campbell of Premier Surgical Associates has been a respected surgeon at Parkwest Medical Center in Knoxville. Dr. Campbell has cared for and performed general and vascular surgeries on thousands of patients in the Knoxville region over the years. He loves being a surgeon and serving the people of […]

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