Nutrition Before Surgery—Why It’s Important

Undergoing surgery is like running a marathon. It requires a lot of energy as it puts the body in great stress. This is why it’s important to pay attention to your nutrition before and after surgery. If you’re scheduled for surgery, the following nutrition tips can help you prepare your body for better surgery and […]

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Nutrition and Surgery

A balanced diet is not only important for everyday living, but it is vital when preparing to undergo surgery. Ensuring that you get the right type and amount of food before your procedure can make a difference when it comes to avoiding complications and having a speedy recovery. Impact of Proper Nutrition Post-Surgery Malnutrition has […]

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Getting in Shape for Surgery

Are you healthy enough for surgery? Many physicians are assessing the health of their patients and encouraging  them to “get in shape” before they are able to undergo any surgical procedure. Some medical professionals are referring to this preparation as “pre-hab.” Pre-habilitation Patient preparation, or “pre-habilitation” has often been overlooked in the past. Because surgery […]

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