What You Need to Know About Kidney Disease

Your fist-sized kidneys are important for your overall health. They are responsible for filtering waste products and excess water from your body. They also play a vital role in the regulation of pH, salt and potassium, absorption of vitamin D, and production of a hormone that regulates the blood pressure and controls the production of […]

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Leg Pain and PAD

Experiencing soreness or stiffness in your legs from time to time may not need a visit to your doctor, but if you’re regularly experiencing leg pain or soreness after an activity, then it’s a different story. It could be a case of peripheral artery disease (PAD). What is PAD? PAD occurs when there is a […]

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Vascular Ultrasounds Are Helping with Mapping Legs and Arteries

Vascular ultrasound is a noninvasive procedure used to evaluate the circulation in the blood vessels of the body.  As a non-invasive procedure, it doesn’t require any anesthesia or needles. Unlike other imaging tests, vascular ultrasound does not involve radiation or contrast dye. What happens during a vascular ultrasound? Vascular ultrasound uses high-frequency sounds to create […]

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How Vascular Surgeons Keep Your Blood Flowing

  Vascular surgeons are a vital part of the heart health team. Contrary to what many people think, these professionals can do more than just surgery. They can help you manage your existing vascular conditions through a treatment plan that’s catered specifically to your needs. This doesn’t just pertain to medications but also to lifestyle […]

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Cardiologists VS Vascular Surgeons

Cardiologist vs. Vascular Surgeon Sometimes health specializations can be as confusing as medical terms. Knowing what a specialist does and does not do can help you choose the right provider for your specific health needs. Cardiologists and vascular surgeons are both medical experts, but cater specifically to different areas. The Role of a Cardiologist Also […]

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Things you Need to Know When Diagnosed with Kidney Disease

Premier Surgical Vascular Access & Imaging Center is focused on providing exceptional care for patients and their families who have recently been diagnosed with kidney disease. Many people have little knowledge about kidney disease and its corresponding treatment until someone close to them receives a diagnosis.  The National Kidney Foundation is a great resource for learning […]

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